Kids & Family Rainbow Yoga Workshops


Train With Indie is offering yoga for children and families! 

Are you interested in taking part in an immersive, creative, and enchanting group yoga workshop that will help develop a unique way to connect with your children and reconnect with your own inner child?

The style of kids yoga I teach is, Rainbow Yoga. It is entirely led by the children/group and immerses them in an imaginary world of play, theatre and music - so much so that they won’t realise that they're doing wonderful work in restorative yoga poses. 

It’s more pertinent than ever to allow children to play and move freely away from screens.

I encourage freedom of movement, emotions, and imagination in my classes and this has proved very popular with young children. 

Classes can be held: at home, out in nature, indoors, and in schools. 

Pricing is on request/ group size. Ages 1 year +. 

Take a journey with your nieces, nephews, grandmas, sisters, parents and friends, and travel to a new world of immersive yoga...

Fully accredited and DBS checked by Rainbow Yoga Ltd.

Contact for bookings.


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