How to use your resistance bands properly to tone up

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

It can be hard to tone your glutes on a budget right? No gym membership? No heavy barbells? No leg press machine in your living room? Fear not. For the loss of a measly fiver you can next day delivery yourself some pingy resistance bands in a rainbow of colours and get to it from the comfort of your pyjamas and that website that rhymes with Metflix...

Here are some killer exercises to try at home that will make your glutes feel like they're on fire:


Place desired strength of band around both ankles and stand inside the circle. Shimmy the band around your calfs. Do 20 jumping jacks/star jumps. The resistance will be burning in no time.


Be warned, your bottom may look fabulous dangerously quickly if you complete this exercise once a day.

Step one: Get on all fours and push up your right leg with a flexed foot until you can feel the muscle tense, pulse there for the count of 20. Repeat on the left leg.

Step two: Staying on all fours, and starting with the right leg push your flexed foot up as high as it will go and then bring your knee into your chest. This is one rep. Do 20 and repeat on the other side.

Step three: Remaining on all fours. Promise you're nearly done. Lift your right leg to the side and raise up and down trying to keep your knee at a right angle to your body. Do a final 20 on each leg and sink back down into child stretch to release the burn. You can even have a little grunt if you wish.


Jump from one foot the the other, and bending your non-standing leg out behind you. Get as low as you can until you can feel it in your glutes. Complete this with the band around the top of your thighs for a fire starter. Aim for 20 reps, 3 sets.


Hoorah! You can lie down now. Place the band around the middle of your thighs on both legs and place your legs bent in front of you. Slowly as possible, to protect your back, lift your hips away from the ground. Dip up & down from this position until you feel the burn. 30 reps, 2 sets will do the trick. The delicious thing about this exercise, you can do this whilst watching the things that rhymes with Metflix.


Pretty in name, slightly less pretty in nature. Lie on your side, in a "paint me like one of your French girls" posture with your head resting on your hands and your knees shut together. Place the band mid thigh. Open and close your legs on your side until the buttock of the top leg is quietly screaming. Aim for 20, roll over like the good dog you are and do the other side.


Been there got the t-shirt? Wrong. The squat may be headline news in the fitness industry, but it damn sure works. Try switching it up and toning different areas by altering your foot position.

Regular: Feet just, (and a very small 'just'(, over hip width apart. Lead with your tailbone, push your knees out to the sides to lengthen the band, squeeze your glutes and breathe out as you come up. Do 30 squats, then 30 pulses.

Ski Squat: Stand with feet just over, (a normal 'over'), fist width apart, and begin dipping your derrière towards your heels. Do 30 squats, then 30 pulses.


Put your tightest trousers on and gallivant around house in front of very large mirror until glory in ones bottom is restored. (You don't need the resistance bands on for this bit)

Do you know what the best part is? You can do all of these from the comfort of your living room. The approach is, little and often. Start with 5/10 minutes a day and within two weeks you will see an improvement in definition, keep it going for a month and you might have to throw out your old jeans...

Happy squatting!

You know you can't resist it. See what I did there?