What Training Really Means To Indie

Do you want to change your body?

Do you think that if you train the reps, weights, hours identically to me your body will change to look exactly like mine?

If you follow the diet and macro plan of the Instagram ‘Fitspiration’ will you look exactly like her?

If you run 6 miles every day and only eat broccoli and rice between the hours of 11 and 3pm will you be as fast as the tough mudder champion you saw on facebook?

The answer is no, non, negativo, nein.

We are all genetically different. Specific “workouts” and “diet” plans can not be copy and pasted between human beings. Just because burpees don’t agree with you, this doesn’t make you unfit or weak. Maybe strength training scares you sideways, and treadmills make you dizzy with excitement. Maybe, you haven’t so much as taken a breathe outside the doors of a gym in your entire life, let alone ever gone inside one. Your exercise may consists of daily dog walks, cycling to work and hitting your yoga matt when the kids have gone to bed.

This is functional, realistic, and categorically NORMAL, “training.”

You decide how you train for your life.

E X E R C I S E I S Y O U R H O U R O F T H E R A P Y ,

N O T A N H O U R O F T O R T U R E.

I believe that you have your own fitness journey, and I can create this with you. I encourage my clients (whom of which I am mighty protective of!) to focus on getting PB’s during sessions instead of punishing themselves with brutal work outs, and by programming work outs that are challenging but achievable. It’s about finding fundamental fitness that works for you, and making activity and movement your mantra by laughing, mucking around - and FEELING GOOD!

The goal is to get you fitter, mentally and physically. If you are physically stronger you will feel mentally more resilient. I aim to form habits of a lifetime, to get all my client training into their older age and stages of life and realising that,

F I T N E S S D O N E R I G H T I S F I T N E S S F O R L I F E.

W H Y T R A I N W I T H M E ?

The questions I ask myself when programming for clients are:“How can I make my client feel really good?,

“How can I make my client leaving feeling like they’ve achieved something amazing this session”

“How can I keep my client motivated to exercise for life?”

No more of this lexicon:

“I should be eating more Kale”

“ I shouldn’t be eating so much bread”

“I should be in a calorie deficit, and doing fasted cardio.”

Let’s dismantle this dangerous diet culture that tells us we’re not good enough.

Wellness of the body and mind can be achieved by knowing that you will feel even better by making a resolution of “I want to be more active” and sticking to it.“I love my hour of escapism, isn’t it cool that I’m learning amazing new skills, and I’m loving it.”

My clients are happy when they are doing their hour of training, they’re not struggling beyond comprehension and potentially causing injury, they’re not damaging their bodies and ligaments with competitive and straining challenges just to prove themselves.

Ages range from 12 years old, to 70. You are not too old, too young, too weak, too unfit. You are ready, primed and perfect to start this journey for yourself.

Each and every one of my clients are moving their body in a healthy, fluid and incredible way to make them feel strong, powerful and live this beautiful thing we call life as passionately and enthusiastically as our bodies will allow.

Train with me and feel free...