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Indie runs two types of outdoor group training:

1. Chidham Bootcamp (an outdoor group fitness class) £10 per person. 

2. Run club (FREE OF CHARGE)

Both to resume in May 2024.

The best way to train. Bootcamps bring out the best of your ability, flood your body with endorphins, enables you to meet like-minded people, and increase your strength. Cheaper than 1:1, but just as fun!

Get sweaty, and get strong in this high-paced, high-action, and high-energy session. Unlike regular circuits classes, the tempo is relentlessly altered, and surprise exercises are added when you least expect it to fire up that inner primal response.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the most effective way of accelerating cardio fitness, building strength fast and burning calories at a rate exceeding conventional training. Prepare for partner workouts, competitive fitness games, and a powerful shift in your performance.

These dynamic work outs train every major muscle group, whilst simultaneously embracing the cardio burn.

Bootcamp with Indie is highly addictive, hugely sweaty, and suitable for any level and age. 

Bootcamps to re-commence in May 2024. 

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