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If you are looking for that extra push, an eager spark of inspiration for your workouts, or even a specific body goal, then embark on a personal fitness adventure with me. 

Your plan gets you:

- Use of inside gym facilities at Chris Gordon Physiotherapy Studio in Emsworth 

- Full Health Induction (Heart rate, blood pressure, weight height, body composition measurements)

- 100% Personalised Training plan to suit your goals.

- Optional: Nutrition Diary-  Kept by you and reviewed and tweaked weekly by me to ensure your fires are fuelled with the right kind of spices! 

- PNF Stretching and Foam Rolling

- End of session, "hands on" stretches assisted by your trainer to maximise muscle gain, and dramatically reduce delayed onset muscular soreness in comparison to stretching alone. 


  • Emsworth Chris Gordon Physiotherapy Malthouse Private Gym (Physiotherapy, The Malthouse, Bridgefoot Path, Emsworth, Hampshire PO10 7EB)

  • Home Visits also available on request

  • Full Online Coaching Availible 


£60 per hour including programming, progress reports, nutrition guidance, homework and use of gym facilities, initial functional movement screening

Group/ Shared personal training sessions are available upon request. 2 people = £30 per person 

**Personal Training with Indie is oversubscribed at the moment, and we are operating a waitlist system for peak time slots. Get in contact to discuss options & join waitlist**

PERSONAL TRAINING: Resources and Tips
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